“From LAND to QUALITY”: this is our way of thinking. This is our mission. This is our goal.

Organic farming, intended as a global method for managing all our farms, is the only way forward.

InfinityBio was created exactly for this reason: strengthening and ensuring a high-quality supply chain, which is guaranteed from the field to consumers.
Two organic farms joined together to breathe life into a project: checking all the fruit development phase, i.e. everything Nature offers us at each season, from winter rest to certified packages for your children.

We have been organic fruit growers for more than 15 years.

We boast several years of experience, carrying out research on varietal selection and getting satisfaction from a deep relationship with our Land. Provided we respect it, Nature can offer us a lot.
All our “operating philosophy” is based on environmental sustainability. InfinityBio Società Consortile Agricola a R.L. pays attention to each and every detail: the warehouse has been built according to green building principles, photovoltaic panels effectively support electricity consumption, all packaging materials are made of recyclable cardboard and the packaging film is based on cellulose.
In 2015 InfinityBio started to switch over to biodynamic farming.
Looking ahead, this is another goal we want to achieve to strengthen our “LIFE CHOICE” even more!