About us

InfinityBio was founded in 2014 following the decision of two well-established farms in the ORGANIC FARMING sector to join together.
Società Agricola Biologica F.LLI BANDINI, based in Faenza (Ravenna), with extensive experience in the organic fruit & vegetable production, packaging and marketing sector and Azienda Agricola Biologica POLENGHE, an organic farm based in Imola (Bologna), further developed their decade-long collaboration giving life to a new and dynamic company specialised in organic produce growing, processing and marketing:


“InfinityBio” Società Consortile Agricola a Responsabilità Limitata.

InfinityBio relies on over 200 hectares directly grown with the organic farming method, as well as on an organic-certified cooling warehouse complying with the most stringent international regulations: Global Gap, Grasp, IFS and BioSuisse certifications.
Our supply chain could be defined as an ULTRA SHORT one: fruit is grown within our farms, then we cool and package our products making them ready for sale.
We personally follow the agricultural practices within our farms throughout the phenological phases of plants and we monitor all production stages in the best possible way.


We carry out harvest with the utmost care, aware that this is a crucial phase to guarantee the product’s quality and a long shelf life.

Our business grows, processes and sells a wide range of products, ranging from summer fruit such as apricots, nectarine peaches, percoca peaches, sloes to kakis and kiwis.
After sizing, sorting and packaging are carried out manually, without using any automatic machines to preserve the product and to identify any problems or non-compliances at an early stage.